As 2019 comes to a close and next year’s New Mexico legislative session nears, ASUNM President Adam Biederwolf is preparing to request new capital outlay funds from the Roundhouse, while previous ASUNM President Becka Myers’ capital outlay request has yet to see completion.

Last spring, Myers’ administration secured capital outlay from the legislature to fund solar panel installations on the roof of the Student Union Building (SUB). Before the project could start, it was discovered that the roof of the SUB had extensive weather damage.

Biederwolf said because of the SUB's roof damage, there are plans to redirect the solar panel installation to the roof of Zimmerman Library.

"Once (Myers) got out of office, the funding was still there for this solar panel project, but the solar panels hadn’t been installed yet," Biederwolf said. "Since the SUB had to renovate their roof due to leaks, we chose to move the project over to Zimmerman Library."

According to Biederwolf, the centrality of Zimmerman on campus coupled with its level of activity makes it "a good spot for renewable energy." He added that "higher-ups" at the University who deal with projects and facilities examined and supported the change.

Biederwolf said he has his sights on safety for his take at a capital outlay request.

"Campus safety is the biggest issue with this campus," Biederwolf said.

He cited a multi-choice survey answered by undergraduate students at UNM that supported a safety project at Central and Girard. The project could range from $250,000 to $800,000, dependent on which of four plans his administration pursues. He and his cabinet will make a decision on which option to pursue over winter break.

Biederwolf said police reports "back up that issue of campus safety in that area."

"Freeing up space, making it look a lot nicer, and getting rid of those walls where people can hide and do sketchy things (will) be a lot better for students," Biederwolf said.

Though UNMPD hasn’t responded to many incidents in that area this semester, according to their crime log map the Albuquerque Police Department has been called to that corner over fifty times in the last four months.

Capital outlay requests, defenses of the lottery scholarship and other UNM related conversations will happen on Jan. 27 of the spring semester at UNM Day at the Roundhouse.

Executive Director of Governmental Affairs for the ASUNM executive office Adrian Schmitt said that students who would like to attend UNM Day this legislative session can email or attend any UNM Day trainings. Schmitt said there will be no cost for students who decide to attend.

Alyssa Martinez is a beat reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @amart4447

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