The weekly crime briefs are to give the students, faculty and staff at the University of New Mexico a quick look into the crimes reported on campus. They do not provide all perspectives of the incident. All of the information is retrieved through UNMPD incident reports.

Discord shooting threat

On Jan. 30, a police report was filed about UNM student Drew Schneider after he taunted a player in an online video game by saying he would "shoot up the school" over the online chat application Discord.

Schneider was a member of the chartered esports club at UNM. He was removed from the group due to "other behaviors and incidents," according to the police report filed by UNMPD officer Tomoyoshi Steward.

The police report said Schneider created a "toxic environment" and was removed on Jan. 25.

Another player accused Schneider of saying in November, "If you ever play Lux again, I will shoot up the school" via text over Discord.

Lux is a playable character in the PC game "League of Legends."

Steward's report noted the comment was believed to be a joke, according to the student who reported it. The student told Steward they still wanted to document the comment.

Valentine's Day break-in at the Anderson building

Police officers responded Feb. 14 to the Anderson School of Management for a burglary the night before. Director Fredrick Smith described the events of the burglary to the officers.

The suspect attempted to open the door on the southeast entrance before using an object to create a hole in the door to get inside. Once inside, the suspect broke off the lock to the kiln room where he proceeded to take multiple items, according to the report.

The report said the suspect threw a brick at a window on the south side of the building before leaving.

The burglar left the objects he used to break in behind. The video footage of the building caught the man. His face is unclear because of the resolution.

Angelina Pompeo is a reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @PompeoAngelina