The University of New Mexico softball team lost two games to the New Mexico State University Aggies in a doubleheader on Tuesday, March 8 in Albuquerque. The Lobos went into the first game with a 10-game win streak.

In the first of the two games, the Lobos sent out Emma Guindon as their starting pitcher. Guindon had pitched 12 games this season with an ERA of 0.94.

Neither team managed to score in the first two innings. In the bottom of the third, though, the Lobos took off and scored five runs behind a three-run home run from outfielder Andrea Howard and scored again on an error. NMSU subbed in pitcher Jordin King, and with the bases loaded, Robinson was walked, leading to another run being scored. NMSU subbed in another pitcher, Kayla Bowen, to get the last out of the inning.

UNM gave up three runs off of two hits at the top of the fourth from a wild pitch and three errors, making the score 5-3 UNM. King returned to pitch the bottom of the fourth and ended the inning quickly with a strikeout and two flyouts.

Guindon got the Lobos back on track in the fifth by not allowing any runs. The Lobos scored two runs off a Robinson single and a double from infielder Ashley Archuleta. Robinson managed to score off an error from Archuleta’s hit, puting the Lobos up 7-3.

In the top of the sixth, the Lobos gave up four runs with the Aggies getting four hits and two errors, tying the game 7-7. The Lobos subbed in Briana Sanchez to pitch the rest of the inning. The Lobos ended up going scoreless in the inning.

Sanchez started the seventh, but after giving up a walk, the Aggies subbed in Ashlyn Roberts to pitch. NMSU’s Kayla Bowen scored a three-run home run that put NMSU up 10-7. UNM subbed Guindon back into the game with one out. Guindon gave up two runs with the Lobos having another error, making the score 12-7. While at bat, Archuleta hit a triple that scored UNM another  run, but it was not enough to complete the comeback. UNM lost the first of their two games 12-8.

In the second game, the Lobos started pitcher Amber Linton. Aggies starter Felicia De La Torre gave up a first-inning home run to Howard. In the second inning, both pitchers didn’t give up a hit. In the top of the third with the bases loaded, Linton got a strikeout, and the Lobos were able to keep the ball in play and get the out.

In the 4th inning, NMSU scored a run off of a Gabby Aragon double, tying the game 1-1. Lopez hit a single for the Aggies to take the lead 3-1. Then, in the top of the fifth inning, with the bases loaded, NMSU scored two runs on a UNM error. NMSU’s Savannah Bejarano hit a sacrifice fly that scored the Aggies three runs, bringing the score to 8-1.

UNM scored in the fifth off of a single from catcher Leslie Romero. Outfielder Taryn Young had a three-run home run towards left field that pushed the score to 8-5. In the sixth, the Lobos subbed in McKenna Kostyszyn to pitch, and she only gave up a single. The Lobos were unable to chip at the lead in their turn at bat, though. The Lobos weren’t able to make up ground in the seventh inning, and UNM lost 8-5.

After the game, UNM head coach Paula Congleton made no excuses for her team and said UNM’s defense was not good. She did praise the Lobos’ offense and chemistry and said the team is confident and optimistic moving forward.

The Lobos will play next in the Dixie State tournament where they will first go up against Southern Utah University on Friday, March 11 in St. George, Utah.

Thomas Bulger is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @thomasbulger10