In the heat of the summer, the cosmos promises to light a fire underneath you as Mars, the planet of confrontation and motivation, moves through Taurus, inching closer to the erratic and rebellious Uranus and eventually hitting a perfect conjunction on August 1. The slow-moving energy of Taurus will be especially at odds with the fiery, impassioned energy of Leo as the sun moves into the sign late in the month.

How will you fare this foul, fiery weather? Continue on for specific advice for your sign.


The Bull may wreak havoc on your china shop, dear Ram. You may find yourself faced with a series of unexpected mishaps as Mars moves closer to Uranus which will force you to spend a lot of money. Try to be frugal this month and take some time for self-affirmation and confidence-building; now is the time to pursue skills which will be of long-term value to you.


The ever-stable Taurus may find their identity a bit shaken up this month. A sudden event or trigger may cause you to reevaluate aspects of your identity, possibly affecting your ego in the process. Remember that change is a difficult but necessary process, and be kind to yourself as you hit this wave of self-discovery.


A little bit of romance, artistic development or a general pursuit of endeavors of the senses are in your path until July 18, Twins. Going into the later part of the month, however, your mercurial tendency towards anxiety may creep up on you, causing implacable dread toward the end of the month. Don’t neglect your mental health this month; focus on the things that bring you peace.


Keep those claws away, Cancer — the full moon in Capricorn on July 14 means passions will run high in your personal partnerships. Be careful not to pick fights. Otherwise, the month should run pretty smoothly as Venus moves into the sign on July 18 and the Taurus transits promise overall feelings of hopefulness and sudden movements toward your dreams.


This month is sure to put the flashy Lion in the spotlight. The latter portion of the month you may be battling between your personal self-actualization needs and your reputation or career goals. On the upside, your passion and motivation may give way to strong strides in your career. Now is the time to think seriously about what you want your future to look like and begin planting the seeds to get there.


The month should be relatively calm for you, Virgos. The Capricorn full moon may provide you with a spark of artistic inspiration, though perhaps short-lived. You may be inspired to plan for a trip that you have been putting off or change your educational trajectory. Now is a great time to pull away from the minute details and think about the bigger picture.


Try to stay balanced this month, Libra. The Taurus transits late in the month may present a variety of sudden obstacles that will shake up your life. Remember that this too shall pass, and try not to compartmentalize any uncomfortable feelings you may be having.


Some big shake-ups in your romantic or platonic relationships may be in order this month. These should be positive for the most part as Venus, in the fellow water sign of Cancer, will bring some romantic and emotional support; a new whirlwind romance or perhaps an exciting collaboration should come to fruition.


Now is not the time for horsing around, Sagittarius. Mars in Taurus will ignite your daily routine and possibly leave you caught up in a whirlwind of tedium — a tough spot for a sign consumed by wanderlust. Now might be a good time to make a positive lifestyle change or switch up your routine to get you through the humdrum.


Capricorns may be granted a rare opportunity to let their hair down this month. The July 18 full moon in Capricorn may ignite you with a refreshed sense of self-confidence and forward momentum. This will only be compounded by the Taurus transits, which will push you towards the pursuit of passion and joyful activities. Relish this opportunity for light-hearted fun.


Now is the time for a bit of housekeeping for the Water-bearer. You may feel as if a creative spark is beginning to simmer down as Venus moves out of Gemini and into Cancer. Additionally, you may experience sudden changes in your living situation or family life, or perhaps great inner conflict between family expectations and personal self-image. Be sure to nurture yourself and engage in self-care as the month winds down.


Things will be going swimmingly for Pisces this month. Your propensity for romance and art will be intensified when Venus moves into Cancer. Additionally, you may be moved to go on a short road trip or get back in touch with old friends; a fairly calm and peaceful month should be in store overall.

Now that you know your forecast for this steady heat wave of a month, we hope that you will be able to persevere with pure, bull-headed strength and tenacity.

Zara Roy is the copy chief at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @zarazzledazzle 

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