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A zodiac astronomical Clock Tower Torre dell Orologio in Venice, Italy. Photo by Josh Rangel on Unsplash.


Loboscopes: September general predictions

The dwindling summer months will see Venus, the planet of love and harmony, and Mars, the planet of sex and agression, harshly juxtaposed in the signs of Virgo and Gemini, respectively. This placement generally advises against spreading yourself too thin — Mars in Gemini wants a hand in all the pots, Venus in Virgo seeks comfort in honing mastery.

These placements will only be made more hectic by Mercury, which goes retrograde in Virgo and promises mayhem and mishaps in its wake. How will your own plans fall into place this autumn? Read on to see how.


Aries should have a relatively pleasant month: your daily life may be hectic, but not unmanageable for you, the fiery, excitable ram. Try to squeeze in a short road trip this month and incorporate comforts and things that make you feel at peace into your regular routine; harmony and beauty do not have to be mere luxuries.


Now should be a time of great harmony in romance and creative expression. Any romances under your belt should run smoothly (so long as you are doing your due diligence in communicating your wants and needs.) You should be at a point where you feel quite confident and joyful in engaging in creative pursuits. Now is a great time to reflect on and truly engross yourself in the things that bring you joy.


The two-sided terror of the zodiac may experience some shake-ups in their self-image this month in response to feeling intuitively disrupted. You may feel incited to try a new hairstyle, or to reevaluate the person you’d like to be on an even grander scale. Remember that any feelings of misplaced identity are sure to pass with internal examination: though difficult, a worthy effort.


Most of crabby Cancer’s chaos will be focused inward this month. Be especially careful of letting internal difficulties or subconscious disturbances bleed out to affect your daily life. Lashing out may seem all too easy, but it will be much to your detriment amid the Mercury retrograde.


It may come much to the chagrin of the flashiest zodiac sign to hear that right now it will be most prudent to save your money. The Mercury retrograde may bring technological difficulties or lost items that will cause you to have to reach deep into your pockets this month. Also, be careful what you post on social media, as something may come ‘round to bite you on the tail.

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Now is a time of self-discovery for Virgos: the brigade of planets in your sign will shine a spotlight on your self-image and force you to take a good, long look at the way you project yourself. Be prudent in the way you communicate in the meantime; others may see you as disingenuous if you focus too much on trying out new façades.


Things may be piling up in the background, throwing many Libras off balance this month. You may feel as if your ego, your everyday communications and your love life are all just out of reach this month, causing you much distress. You might channel this negative energy into pursuit of higher matters — getting in touch with your spiritual side might be just the cure for this uneasiness.


Scorpios may have to keep their pincers up this month. You should be somewhat wary about how you present yourself to those in your social circles, as there may be combative forces in your life not yet noticeable to you. That being said, if you dust off those diplomatic abilities, you should have no trouble staying out of the spotlight and keeping your friendships at peace.


Archer, aim your bow away from interpersonal relationships this month. Your sharp tongue may bring issues, not only causing troubles between you and your loved ones, but reflecting poorly on your public reputation as well. Remember to be prudent and treat others with kindness, and you will receive the same back.


Prepare to gallop through rocky conditions, Capricorn. Sudden events may leave your routine in messy sorts, much to your dismay. You may find the most comfort in spending your free time exploring your interests in other cultures, but try not to plan any trips for the time being — they may just fall through the cracks.


Many conundrums will splash about for the water-bearer this month. You may feel as if good things are being taken from you with no warning or reason. However, now may be a good time to devote your passion towards jump-starting a new romance or seeking things that bring you joy — even in the darkest moments, there is light to be found.


Pisces, don’t let your whimsical ways pull you away from reality this month. Much trouble is to be had in your close relationships in particular if you are not clear and consistent in your communication. While you may feel driven into your inner world right now, that is not an everlasting state. You must eventually get out of your own head and manage the relationships with the people around you.

Unfortunately, the warmth of the summer must cease and the season must change to make way for colder days. However, we hope that these horoscopes may serve as a guiding path when the leaves turn and cover up your normal path.

Zara Roy is the copy chief at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @zarazzledazzle

We highly recommend reading horoscopes based on your rising sign. If you do not know your rising sign, you can calculate it at Cafe Astrology.


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