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A zodiac astronomical Clock Tower Torre dell Orologio in Venice, Italy. Photo by Josh Rangel on Unsplash.


Loboscopes: November predictions

As the sun glides through the intense sign of Scorpio toward a lunar eclipse on Nov. 8 — the same day the fiery planet Mars goes retrograde — the month of November promises intensity all around. Generally speaking, you may encounter many endings that may leave you feeling stuck in a place of no forward momentum near the beginning of the month. Read on to see what these effects mean for your sign:


The effects of this upcoming Mars retrograde will hit Aries particularly deeply. Unsettled by a lack of forward movement, you Rams may find yourself cutting ties and feeling dissatisfied with the minutiae of life. Be confident in the fact that these losses are necessary for progression, and be patient that life still moves on even if it’s not at the speed you want.


This eclipse may leave you questioning your very sense of self, cutting ties with a part of you you used to consider essential. Be careful not to let this send you into a tailspin: you may find yourself slipping into crisis mode, spending money haphazardly and generally trying to compensate for this great loss. Instead, slow down and plan out the next stages of your life — change is not the end of the world.


Geminis may feel like things are ending all around them. Past decisions are coming back to bite them in the tail and leaving them feeling deeply isolated. Take this as a time to reconsider the way you interact with the world and don’t sink into pessimism. The world isn’t out to get you.


Painful losses may be expected in your social groups this month, Cancer. You may feel that things you have been hopeful about have lost their original shine and must be let go of. It may be tempting to sink into isolation. Remember that solitude can be healthy for a short while, but it is necessary to retreat to the comfort of others sometimes: don’t be your own worst enemy, as tempting as it may be.


Leos may be cutting ties or reconsidering their career path this month. Also to be expected are difficulties with your reputation and turmoil among your social groups. Try to take a step back and mediate these conflicts rather than retreating to your egoistic tendencies. Though it may feel affirming in the moment to pick fights, it will lead to harm in the long run.


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Inner wisdom that once felt unimpeachable is now being tested, leaving your entire outlook on the world shaken. You may feel dissatisfied or stagnant in your educational or career path. Though you may feel anxious that your plans are not able to proceed as you hoped, now is a great time to slow down in your race for success and take time for things that bring you joy — pick up a hobby, Virgo.


Libra, you may be called now to resolve forgotten debts: this could be financial, a past relationship with unresolved baggage or a neglected health problem. This ending of debt will be ultimately needed and beneficial, but that will not make it feel less harmful in the moment. Find a way to vent your emotions: don’t dole out passive aggression towards those near you in response to this frustration.


Close partnerships could be ending for Scorpios: you may encounter betrayals or broken promises, and those who you once thought to be good friends might reveal themselves as saboteurs. Don’t fall into a pattern of pessimism as a result, now should be a time of relative stagnation in other painful happenings, and those who love you will still be there by your side.


You may have slipped away from your normal routine in some way, which may lead you to find new people who are not beneficial to your well-being or life goals. Distancing yourself from those you love may tame your boredom in the moment, but in the long run, you will only end up hurting those you love, Sagittarius.


Don’t answer that call from your ex, Capricorn. Old loves of the past may be coming back into your life this season, but they will inevitably lead to pain and will not be a lasting endeavor. Though you may feel a lack of passion, don’t try to ignite something that doesn’t have staying power — it is not worthy of your ambitious nature.


You may feel as if everything you are passionate about is being pulled away from you, and you may begin to take out this frustration on your family or in your home life. However, it is not your loved ones holding you back; it’s your resentment. Don’t cause harm to the people who will always be there.


The dreamy, wandering Pisces may be experiencing a change in their home life, whether that means moving out or losing people like family to you. Don’t get reckless as a result or try to shake up your everyday life with unhealthy behaviors and hurtful words. Be careful: both you and your community are worth being cared for.

As the days continue to dwindle and the world around continues to grow darker and duller, we hope that you may find some small comfort in the cosmos — and maybe even some reason behind the madness.

Zara Roy is the copy chief at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @zarazzledazzle

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