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Emma Trevino

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REVIEW: Amanda Seyfried skillfully humanizes a monster in ‘The Dropout’

  This review contains spoilers Hulu’s critically acclaimed miniseries “The Dropout,” which chronicles the rise and fall of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, is a scathing adaptation of the eponymous podcast. An incredibly gripping take on a true story and top tier performances from Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews make “The Dropout” one of the best shows of the year thus far. Theranos was founded by Holmes in 2003 after she dropped out of Stanford University. By 2013, the company — which claimed to run hundreds of blood tests on only a few drops of blood — was valued at $9 billion. 

Dazed and Confused Stock Photo

REVIEW: ‘Dazed and Confused’ sets high bar for ’90s flicks

  Whether you’re watching high or sober, Richard Linklater’s iconic 1993 movie “Dazed and Confused” hits all the right notes. This coming-of-age masterpiece features themes of rebellion and lasting friendship all overlaid with — you guessed it — some very potent marijuana imagery. Almost 30 years on, “Dazed and Confused” feels as fresh as ever with a killer soundtrack and marvelously endearing characters. While critically acclaimed, “Dazed and Confused” was a box office failure, earning $7.9 million worldwide, a number that’s barely above the film’s $6.9 million budget. However, it has gained and maintained a steady cult following, cementing it as quintessential viewing for anyone who has ever tried growing up. 


REVIEW: ‘Fresh’ delivers a delicious but ultimately stale take on horror

This review contains spoilers If you’re squeamish, beware. Hulu’s latest original movie “Fresh,” the feature-length directorial debut from Mimi Cave, tries to shock and disturb with its subject matter, cannibalism, but in the end, it failed to surprise me or subvert many of my expectations. The film does feature a fantastic performance from Jonica T. Gibbs as Mollie, which makes the film entirely worth a watch. “Fresh” hinges on the idea of miraculously finding a good guy in a tidepool of gross, asshole hipster fish that live in the ocean of dating apps. Daisy Edgar-Jones plays Noa, whose chance encounter with the suspiciously funny and handsome Steve, in a great performance from Sebstian Stan, leads to a spontaneous getaway that neither are sure to forget.

Normal People.jpg

REVIEW: Examining a graceful yet turbulent relationship in ‘Normal People’

  This review has spoilers for “Normal People”  When news of a television adaptation of Sally Rooney’s superb Ireland-set novel “Normal People” hit my ears, I first thought they could never do the book justice. But when it was released in April 2020, the two main characters’ on-and-off relationship proved me wrong and displayed a master class in understanding power dynamics and how easily your soulmate can slip through your fingers. The show tells the story of Connell’s (Paul Mescal) and Marianne’s (Daisy Edgar-Jones) relationship from high school until the end of college, as the two frequently break up just to get back together again when they realize they can’t be without each other. 

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REVIEW: ‘The Fallout’ delves into the invisible effects of school shootings

  This review contains spoilers “The Fallout,” the feature directorial debut of seasoned actress Megan Park, premiered at last year’s South by Southwest film festival to critical acclaim. Jan. 27 saw the film’s release to wider audiences through HBO Max, and while the story minorly lacks some character development, Jenna Ortega’s compelling performance as high school student Vada lets “The Fallout” beautifully tackle trauma in the face of tragedy. The film centers on tomboy Vada and resident influencer Mia’s (Maddie Ziegler) journey through the aftermath of surviving a school shooting after the two hid together in a bathroom stall during the gunman’s spree. 

Meaningless Tattoo.JPG

OPINION: Why I got a meaningless tattoo

  Body modifications have become increasingly common and acceptable in the past decade, but tattoos still remain a polarizing subject. I used to be someone who never wanted a tattoo and was positive I’d never get one. Then, last summer, I had a sudden urge to get one, and two weeks later, I had sizable ink on my thigh that has no special meaning or reason behind it. Growing up, I wasn’t discouraged from tattoos by my parents at all. Since I never showed interest, we never talked about it. When I brought the design I had in mind to them — an Old West style line drawing I found through an online deep dive — they were indifferent, but reminded me that I’d have their support no matter what.


REVIEW: ‘Euphoria’: Slow and steady wins the race

  This review contains spoilers for season one and the first episode of season two After season one was released in 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a two-year filming delay of the next season, “Euphoria” returned to HBO with its second season premiere on Jan. 9. While most of the episode felt boring, overproduced and disjointed, it seems to be a setup for a sexy and violent story reminiscent of the show’s critically acclaimed first season. The appeal of “Euphoria” lies in its shocking provocativity, character dimension and humor, making the show more than just your average teen drama. 

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OPINION: Is grad school a viable option?

  With the semester coming to a close comes the inevitable anxiety and uncertainty of joining the workforce. Many students consider graduate school to be a safe option after earning a bachelor's degree because it’s a way to stay in the comfort of academia, but there are several factors to contemplate, such as ultimate career goals, personal fulfillment and the issue of money. A big draw of grad school is more impressive credentials that can be of great help in today’s extremely competitive job market. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic of the Harvard Business Review said “the most in-demand jobs require graduate credentials, to the point of surpassing current levels of supply.” 

Editors' Wrapped 2021

ASK THE EDITORS: Lobo Wrapped 2021

  To the dismay of Apple Music users, the highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped is finally here with a data collection packaged in fun colors and quirky attempts at humor. To commemorate this annual event, the Daily Lobo editors decided to give readers a peek behind the curtain at their top songs. Shelby’s No. 1 Song: “Future Days” by Pearl Jam  Pearl Jam’s “Future Days” had an immediate impact on my psyche. Their hit became an earworm last year when I first played my now-favorite video game, “The Last of Us Part II,” and was touched by how it was integrally woven into the game’s narrative. Fast forward one year later and I still can’t get the song out of my head.

Dawn Blue Sky-Hill.jpeg

Student Support Services TRIO director helps marginalized students

  Dawn Blue Sky-Hill, director of the Student Support Services TRIO program at the University of New Mexico, has been with SSS TRIO for 20 years. In that time, she has helped and mentored students from all walks of life to set them up for success in academia and beyond. According to its website, SSS TRIO’s mission is to “increase the college retention and graduation rates of program partici­pants at the University of New Mexico main campus. The SSS program draws upon a holistic framework where committed participants receive individualized support by ad­dressing their educational and personal needs.” As director, Sky-Hill helps facilitate this support through coordinating mentors, advisors, tutoring and more.  

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