The recent signing of a ceasefire at the U.N. for the area in Syria known as East Ghouta is not something that Christians, Jews and decent Muslims should necessarily be celebrating. The reason I say this is because whether it was in Syria or Iraq, these so-called rebels made it a point to ruthlessly persecute religious minorities like Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims.

Actually, even though they claim to be Sunni Muslims, these rebels also made it a habit to murder honorable Sunni Muslims who refused to cooperate or support their various crimes against humanity. If the recent ceasefire eases the suffering of innocent Syrian civilians, then that is fine, but the people living in the west should not be under any illusions about the head-chopping, heart-eating rebels. Syrian President Assad believes in religious pluralism while his opponents believe in raping, enslaving and murdering religious minorities.

The rebels fighting the Syrian government have a particularly disturbing interpretation of Islam which hails from Saudia Arabia. This form of Islam is known in the Islamic world as Wahhabism, and it basically divides the world into a clash of civilizations pitting Muslims against non-Muslims. While these Wahhabis are thankfully on the brink of defeat in Syria, the world should recognize that so long as Saudia Arabia is not censured and pressured to give up its hateful, satanic interpretation of Islam, then the world can expect to see many more groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the future. The world must know that the child of Wahhabism, aka Islamic extremism, has a mother, and her name is the kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

Muhajir Romero