Editor's Note: In the original version of this article, it was not made clear that the funding for the lighting project is from legislative donations, not ASUNM. That has been clarified. A fee increase was also mentioned, but there is no current fee increase underway — that statement has been deleted. The Daily Lobo apologizes for any confusion. 

The Associated Students of the University of New Mexico held its third full Senate meeting of the semester on Wednesday in the Student Union Building.

ASUNM Vice President Sally Midani chaired the Senate session.

The session started with the first guest speaker Robert DelCampo from the University’s Innovation Academy. He said the academy is a program that excites students about innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship across different majors.

“These are the representatives of the student body, and that’s why I wanted to (get) in front of them and (tell them) something we have been doing and how we have been sort of exploring these different kinds of opportunities that can get students interested,” DelCampo said.

He said Innovation Academy will be hosting their Create Your Own Job Fair on March 27 for students interested in creating their own business.

The second guest speaker was UNM Police Department Chief Kevin McCabe.

He discussed the Feb. 15 incident that involved a man pulled a gun on several people at and near the University. He went over procedures that are followed after such incidents.

“There is no universal plan,” McCabe said. “Shelter in place is an option, but there is no set thing. It is difficult to train people about something unthinkable. You have to think of survival — I know it is hard, but you will have to think about it.”

He said situational awareness is necessary, and the faster someone can read the situation, the more they can do for their safety.

ASUNM President Noah Brooks briefed senators about his recent meeting and phone calls with University President Chaouki Abdallah about the security and safety measures being taken for the students and staff in connection to the Feb. 15 incident.

He also discussed funding and scholarships — particularly the Lottery Scholarship and other cuts. He also mentioned ASUNM is going to spend $125,000 in legislative donations on lighting near and around the Duck Pond and surrounding buildings.

Brooks says he hopes "that with this step we will make some real change on campus.”

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