I seem to be in the minority in today's national Democratic Party.

I disagree with the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the news media) to constantly bash Donald Trump over his obnoxious personality and his divisive comments.

As very-conservative "Morning Joe" Scarborough has said on his MSNBC show, when Democrats talk negatively about Trump it just makes his supporters angrier and more protective of him, while corroborating their paranoid belief that the Democrats and the liberal part of the media are out to get Trump. Rather, as Joe suggests, Democrats need to focus their attention on communicating their values to the people and telling the people how the federal government can be a force for positive good in their lives and how the federal government can make life better for all Americans.

They don't seem to realize that research consistently shows that most Americans agree with them that we need to protect the safety-net programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, College Student Loans, and Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

These are popular programs and winning issues for Democrats that we should constantly be talking about, not trashing Trump.

Stewart B. Epstein