Candles can be a great way to experience wonderful smells flooding your room while stuck inside during quarantine. Once you have used up your wick, it shouldn’t end your joy but instead spark more happy times. 

If I had a dollar saved from all the candles I have bought in the past, I could have spent more on the groceries that I needed during this quarantine. You can ask me about my favorite scents, but the greatest thing I’ve learned in my history of candles is the number of different things it can hold in its container. 

Whether you love candles or just want to get rid of them, this upcycle works for anyone. In this creation, you will turn a plain used candle into your own new recycled container. If you have a sweet tooth like me, some Jolly Ranchers would be perfect to hold in your new container. 

Quarantine DIY #3:

This creation involves collecting all your used candle containers. If you read the Magazine Collage DIY, those BOLD words come in handy again. This DIY also requires some of the same glue, glitter, colored tissue paper, and any small sequins. 

Tip: If you have leftover wax, putting the container under hot water will be the perfect fix! 

If you don’t have any of these materials, they can be purchased for less than $10 at the Dollar Tree. The first step is to deep clean the outside of the candle. After the deep clean, cut the colored tissue paper. 

Note: It’s easier with Elmer’s glue. Put a thin layer on the outer container and make sure it's spread evenly with a heavy hand. 

Wrapping tissue paper around the jar as a first layer will help block the surface of the container. You can always be creative by adding different colors of tissue paper to make a new color. Think of the color wheel. Adding a nice glitter glue by spreading it evenly after all the cut-ups can also be a nice even paste to stick everything together and add a little sparkle.  

After the layer of the second round of glue, add some of the Magazine cut-outs. This acts as the statement piece for your artwork. 

Remember any additional sequin is up to you, I added some small yellow pom-poms for a little more excitement and creation to my new upcycled container. 

After you have a new and finished container, you can now store anything you want. 

Now grab those Jolly Ranchers and start stuffing!

This month has been a little slow, especially for the people that have a birthday this month. This DIY can always make a great piece for a birthday bag and is a memorable gift from the heart.

Keeping busy with simple DIYs that are laying around the house could put you in more creative positions that can be beneficial for your mental health. Remember not to give the name of the virus more energy and stay clean as advised numerous times from different sources. 

Cameron Ward is a culture reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @xx_cameo_xx