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Op-ed: 2024 Black History Month: Revitalizing the revolution By Imani Knox

In the month of February, we enter a time of reflection and re-embrace what the Black Community has done and continues to do – not only at the University of New Mexico, but in our ever-evolving world. Black History Month starts Feb. 1 and ends Feb. 29 and is a nationwide celebration that highlights those who have paved the way for Black Americans to be where they are today. As we enter this month at UNM, we emphasize the theme of “Revitalizing the Revolution” and bringing life to change in environments where growth is critical. What does “Revitalizing the Revolution” mean, exactly? To me and so many of the Black students here on campus, it means being able to have the courage and passion that so many of those who came before us demonstrated with every step they took that will allow us to open doors and improve the Black experience.

UNM student walk out for Gaza

Students stand in support of Palestine at Regents meeting

On the afternoon of Feb. 15, Protesters entered the Board of Regents meeting and stood silently along the walls, donning keffiyehs, Palestinian Flags and stickers that read “Freedom for Palestine” to stand united with those speaking in support of a divestment resolution. Just before dozens of protesters walked out of class and gathered at Zimmerman Plaza to listen to speakers discuss the ongoing crises in Gaza, they marched throughout the University of New Mexico ringing chants of “No Peace on Stolen Land” and “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free” across campus.


New Mexico United shatters the land of entrapment stereotype

The narrative of the Land of Entrapment is being challenged by New Mexico United’s team and fanbase, through the work the team does off the field. The documentary Underdog Uprising, which highlights United’s unique and committed fanbase, will be available for streaming on the Very Local app on Feb. 28. The documentary covers the work United and its supporters do to impact their community and how they challenge the underdog identity, according to Carlos Tenorio II, President of New Mexico United’s supporters’ group, The Curse. “We’re at the bottom of the good lists and the top of the bad lists… It doesn’t always have to be like that,” Tenorio said.

Kai Warrior Feature

Kai Warrior’s immersion into music

The goal was to create a fully immersive musical experience -  so Kai Warrior brought their childhood home to The Orpheum Community Hub on Saturday. Warrior is a local musician who grew up in Albuquerque. They released their debut EP, “Everything I Know,” on Feb. 3. Their work follows a cyclical motion and outlines the details of childhood, friendship, love and heartbreak, and then circles back to childhood. “I wanted the EP to feel fully engulfing, and I figured the only way to do that would be to recreate my life in a room,” Warrior said.

affirmative consent @ unm

Can I have some FRIES? Affirmative Consent at UNM

Affirmative consent at the University of New Mexico is not a new topic. Several resources around campus contribute to the conversation around consent.  Women’s Resource Center Director Áine McCarthy said that affirmative consent is freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic and specific, remembered by the acronym - FRIES. The University requires that consent is affirmative, according to UNM policy. Title IX Coordinator Angela Catena explained that coercion is not consent. “One of the myths is around, ‘well if I eventually get a yes that means I have consent,’” Catena said. “But that might not necessarily be the case.”


New graduation requirements give high school students increased flexibility

Next year’s high school freshmen will see different graduation requirements due to a bill signed by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Feb. 9. The new requirements seek to increase school attendance and graduation rates by giving students more choices in the classes they take, according to Lujan Grisham’s press release. “High school should be about preparing students for the real world while providing more opportunities to pursue their unique interests and future careers,” Lujan Grisham said in the press release.

Isotopes Brunch

Isotopes manager Pedro Lopez shares hopes for 2024 Season

Pedro Lopez is at the helm once again as the manager for the Albuquerque Isotopes 2024 season. Before he went off for Spring Training in Arizona, Lopez hosted a brunch where he expressed gratitude and explained what he wanted to achieve in the coming season. The event took place on Feb. 17 at the clubhouse in Isotopes stadium where the guests were served a diner-style breakfast array of foods, all of which were made by the head chef of Isotopes park. During the meeting, Lopez talked about the new and upcoming prospects that the Isotopes have on their hands going into this season, with high aspirations for Bradley Zimmer and infield players.

Women's Basketball vs San Jose

Women’s basketball: Lobos cruise to a win against San José State

The women's basketball team took care of business against the San José State Spartans as they blew them out 72-51 on Wednesday, Feb. 14. The Lobos remain in third place in the Mountain West conference with five games left of the regular season. Last time these two teams met up, the Lobos beat them on the road 65-54. With their latest win, the Lobos have now swept the Spartans – improving their record to 18-8 and 9-4 in conference play.


College affirmative consent bill heads to governor’s desk

The New Mexico Senate passed an amended bill Tuesday, Feb. 13 that would require state-funded colleges to include affirmative consent in their policies and procedures on sexual activity. House Bill 151, sponsored by Rep. Elizabeth Thomson (D) and four other House Democrats, defines affirmative consent as “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.” Affirmative consent cannot be given by a party who is unconscious or incapacitated, cannot be implied or assumed and can be revoked at any time, according to the bill. “With this, I’m hoping that particularly women – but everyone – realizes that their body belongs to them. They don’t owe anybody anything. Taking you out for dinner doesn’t mean you owe them sex. Being their girlfriend doesn’t mean you owe them sex,” Thomson said.

Chinese Culture Center

Lunar New Year: Albuquerque’s version

  Lunar New Year is a time of celebration throughout the world. Saturday, Feb. 10, the 50th annual Lunar New Year Celebration was held in Albuquerque’s International District at a martial arts school called the Chinese Culture Center. Ray Tokuda is the leader – or Sifu – of the Chinese Culture Center or Lin’s Martial Arts Academy and directed this year’s exhibition, which was filled with a variety of traditional practices.  Lunar New Year is a time of celebration and cleansing with the traditional practice of cleaning the home and ridding it of evil spirits with the help of traditional lion dancing, which is a key part of the yearly celebration.

Ask the Eds - relationship

Ask the editors: How do you show love to your loved ones?

  With another Valentine's Day week coming to a close, we find chocolate wrappers tossed in trash cans and roses slowly drying under the sun. Six editors at the Daily Lobo came together to reflect on how we show love to those around us.  Time shared over a meal  As someone whose primary love language is quality time, I let the people in my life know that I love them by existing around them as much as I can. Having the ability to exist in the same space as another person without feeling anxious, performative or uncomfortable is precious. 

Men's B-ball vs. UNLV

Men's Basketball: Lobos miss out on taking their revenge on UNLV

The Lobo men’s basketball team hosted the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Runnin’ Rebels on Saturday, Feb. 10. They came into the match tied for the #1 team in the Mountain West Conference after defeating the Wyoming Cowboys. The Rebels were able to take down the Lobos for the second home loss of the season at 80-77. The Lobos had hoped to take their revenge on the Rebels after the Jan. 9 83-73 loss, but came up short.

Women's B-ball vs. Colorado State

Women's basketball: Lobos get back in the win column with victory over Colorado State

The women’s basketball team defeated the Colorado State Rams 62-46 on Saturday, Feb. 10 for a conference battle. Coming into the game, the Lobos had dropped two straight games, losing to UNLV and San Diego State. Last time these two teams faced off, the Lobos fell short, losing to the Rams 61-55. This time around, the Lobos were able to get their revenge and improve their record to 17-8 overall and 8-4 in conference play. They are in third place in the Mountain West with six games remaining in the regular season.

AI Porn.jpg

Taylor Swift incident draws attention to AI-generated pornography

Since the rise of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT’s release in 2022, victims have been targeted by pornographic AI-generated images that have, in some cases, circulated on social media websites like X, formerly Twitter. Deepfakes are videos or images in which a person’s “face or body has been digitally altered so that they appear to be someone else, typically used maliciously or to spread false information,” according to Oxford Languages. Recently, these have risen in the form of pornographic images. In late January, pornographic AI-generated images of Taylor Swift started to circulate the internet and gained thousands of views on X, according to the Associated Press. Mary Rice, associate professor of literacy at the University of New Mexico, specializes in AI’s role in education. The Swift incident was not a random act that sprung up on its own, Rice said.

Self Serve.jpg

Self Serve, but not FroYo

Self Serve Toys is a feminist and Queer-owned sex shop in Albuquerque. It opened up 17 years ago after the owner, Matie Fricker, saw a need for more inclusive sex shops nationwide. Tiziana Friedman, the outreach team coordinator at Self Serve, spoke about love for the shop because of the experiences there compared to other sex shops they have visited. “Self Serve is a sex-positive, education and health-focused sex shop. We believe that all bodies are good bodies deserving of love, exactly as they are. We believe that sex is healthy and pleasure is good for you,” Friedman said.

Bear necessities .jpg

Barrier Necessities, the simple bare necessities

Student Health and Counseling’s (SHAC) Barrier Necessities program aims to make condoms, dental dams and lubricant accessible to students while simultaneously providing education around safer sex practices. “The mission for this program (is) to help provide students with free prophylactics and to make it as convenient as possible, really meeting the students where they’re at,” Lianna Maldonado said – SHAC Health Promotion and Education Coordinator. Currently, the program has 29 locations, along with latex-free materials available at SHAC’s Health Promotion office. The program tries to be accessible and comprehensible to students, Maldonado said.

Love at first sight?.jpg

Opinion: Love at first sight: fact or fairytale?

Does love at first sight exist?  People who have experienced it would encourage you to believe that it does, but the research is not in their favor. Of course, if we are going to discuss love, we need to first define the feeling. Merriam-Webster gives nine separate definitions for love as a noun. Most commonly employed are: “a strong affection for another” and an “attachment, enthusiasm or devotion” to something or someone. 

Date Destinations

Opinion: Valentine’s Day date destinations in Albuquerque

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but don’t panic just yet. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, there’s no reason to treat the upcoming holiday like it's any other day. There are many great ways to spend it, and some ideas cost as little as nothing. For those living on campus, getting around Albuquerque can be challenging, so nearby spots are a great option for date-night. Sueños Coffee Co., located near Lobo Rainforest, is a classy cafe and a great option for a low-key date. Micah Harris, a University of New Mexico student, gave Sueños Coffee Co. credit for its catering to the student body.


Syphilis rates rise in New Mexico

New Mexico had the second highest syphilis rate in the United States in 2022 and ranked highest in the nation for congenital syphilis – an infection that occurs when a mother passes syphilis on to their fetus through pregnancy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacteria that produces sores on the infected person. If left untreated, the bacteria can invade the nervous system, according to the CDC. Syphilis cases are rare but increasing, as seen in CDC data.

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