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REVIEW: ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ is a beautifully minimal take on Shakespeare’s classic play

  “Macbeth” has been done a thousand times over, both on stage and on film. You may know it for its timeless story of ruthless ambition or you may know it as that Scottish play you had to read for your high school English class. Either way, Shakespeare’s play has had some staying power and “The Tragedy of Macbeth” is only another testament to the English playwright’s genius. The film, having just been released on Apple TV+ on Friday, Jan. 14 after a limited theatrical run, follows — you guessed it — Macbeth and his bloody journey to become king of Scotland prompted by a strange encounter with a trio of witches.

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REVIEW: ‘Red Rocket’ is a raucous romp

  This review contains spoilers Sean Baker’s newest film “Red Rocket” is a solid addition to his catalog of endearing, embodied tributes to the lives of marginalized groups in America. Released for limited theatrical release on Dec. 10, “Red Rocket” tells the story of Mikey, a charming, egoistic former porn star, as he wedges his way back into the home of his estranged wife and proceeds to wreak havoc in such a way that only a cisgender, heterosexual white man who has never been told “no” in his life could ever accomplish. “Red Rocket” follows Mikey (Simon Rex) as he sometimes charms and sometimes weasels his way back into his “old life” in Texas, before he moved to California some years ago. 

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Ask the Editors: What we’re bringing with us in the new year

  QUESTION: What are you bringing to the new year? With a new year and new semester often comes new goals, habits and more. However, the Daily Lobo editors are looking back on our past and deciding what we want to keep with us as we move forward. Here’s a glance at some of our favorite things, whether it’s film, television, books or sports, for you to peruse. Megan’s Pick: SHOW: “Star Trek” created by Gene Roddenberry At a time when you often feel like you need an escape, you can find one from the living room of your own home in the “Star Trek” universe.


REVIEW: ‘Euphoria’: Slow and steady wins the race

  This review contains spoilers for season one and the first episode of season two After season one was released in 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a two-year filming delay of the next season, “Euphoria” returned to HBO with its second season premiere on Jan. 9. While most of the episode felt boring, overproduced and disjointed, it seems to be a setup for a sexy and violent story reminiscent of the show’s critically acclaimed first season. The appeal of “Euphoria” lies in its shocking provocativity, character dimension and humor, making the show more than just your average teen drama. 

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LETTER: For good of New Mexico schools, Congress must act on DOI’s new recommendations

  Even when we’re grateful for something – for example, the jobs and state revenue we get from oil and gas production – that doesn’t mean we should cut ourselves short and ignore our own needs. We deserve to get the best deal we can. But when it comes to oil and natural gas, we’ve settled for a bad deal for a very long time. While families in New Mexico face rising gasoline prices at the pump, oil and natural gas companies are getting the deal of a century. Not only are they cashing in on higher prices, but they pay pennies on the dollar to lease our public lands for development and evade having to pay New Mexicans what we’re rightfully owed in royalties. 

Don't Look Up.jpg

REVIEW: ‘Don't Look Up’: Reflection of recent years through fun, satirical comedy

  Among the sea of Netflix original content, there has been a wide range of movies of varying quality but one of the platform’s last films of 2021, “Don’t Look Up,” was particularly memorable. This fun two-hour cynical comedy asked the question, "What if there was a planet-killing comet on course to destroy Earth?" The film’s response to this question is satirical in its answer with many parallels to politics, the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrity conflicts and other current issues. The plot is simple: a comet is hurling itself toward Earth while Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Dr. Randall Mindy, and Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Ph.D. candidate student Kate Dibiasky, try to warn the world about the impending doom that awaits everyone in the next six months and 14 days. 

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LETTER: Grassy areas of UNM north golf course should be reopened for community access

 For more than 40 years, the University of New Mexico’s north golf course has had another life unrelated to golf. When the sun begins to set, dozens to upwards of a hundred students, faculty and surrounding neighbors converge on the green space to walk their dogs off-leash in the few minutes prior to sunset. Unsurprisingly, this green space has been a treasured oasis in the center of the city. After the flags come down, Burqueños from all over the city and all walks of life access this space to walk, run, play with their children and dogs, and sometimes to just enjoy themselves on the grass while watching the sunset.

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REVIEW: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ gracefully swings MCU out of 2021

  This review contains spoilers for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home” After a year of zero Marvel releases in 2020, Marvel ended 2021 with a bang with “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” This film was well worth the wait after being delayed almost half a year from its original release date, taking the audience on a journey that combined both the old and new in a stunning display of cinema. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was highly anticipated not only due to the rumors swirling of previous Spider-Man actors returning, but also because this film almost didn’t happen. In August 2019, a dispute between Sony and Marvel over contract negotiations almost ended with the two companies splitting completely. 

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OPINION: Is grad school a viable option?

  With the semester coming to a close comes the inevitable anxiety and uncertainty of joining the workforce. Many students consider graduate school to be a safe option after earning a bachelor's degree because it’s a way to stay in the comfort of academia, but there are several factors to contemplate, such as ultimate career goals, personal fulfillment and the issue of money. A big draw of grad school is more impressive credentials that can be of great help in today’s extremely competitive job market. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic of the Harvard Business Review said “the most in-demand jobs require graduate credentials, to the point of surpassing current levels of supply.” 

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OPINION: I’m so proud to be a Lobo

  I’m wrapping up my final semester as an undergraduate student, graduating with my Bachelor of Science in environmental science and minor in sustainability studies. I’ve compiled some of my greatest hits because the past three and a half years have been chock-full of enlightenment and enrichment. The University of New Mexico has been an exceptional place to grow up and blossom into my fullest self. I moved to New Mexico from North Carolina to study at UNM without really knowing anyone or anything about Albuquerque, except that it was a beautiful place with lots of sunny days and clear, blue skies. 

Editors' Wrapped 2021

ASK THE EDITORS: Lobo Wrapped 2021

  To the dismay of Apple Music users, the highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped is finally here with a data collection packaged in fun colors and quirky attempts at humor. To commemorate this annual event, the Daily Lobo editors decided to give readers a peek behind the curtain at their top songs. Shelby’s No. 1 Song: “Future Days” by Pearl Jam  Pearl Jam’s “Future Days” had an immediate impact on my psyche. Their hit became an earworm last year when I first played my now-favorite video game, “The Last of Us Part II,” and was touched by how it was integrally woven into the game’s narrative. Fast forward one year later and I still can’t get the song out of my head.


REVIEW: Mike Mills’ latest film 'C’mon C’mon:' A love letter to living

  This review contains spoilers The black and white kaleidoscope that is “C’mon C’mon” is an exploration of the space between people and the malleability of relationships. Such subject matter might easily have been lost in the transition from brain to screen, but the phenomenal cast, thoughtful direction and wonderful cinematography brought this world to life perfectly. In the film, Joaquin Phoenix’s Johnny and Woody Norman’s Jesse, who are uncle and nephew, are forcibly but sweetly brought together when Jesse’s mother, Viv, painstakingly leaves to care for her mentally unstable father Paul, who wants to recieve help but has struggled to. In dealing with Paul’s psychosis and rekindling a relationship with Johnny, Viv is reminded of trauma surrounding the death of her mother. 

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REVIEW: ‘Tick, tick ... BOOM!’: Andrew Garfield explodes in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest project

  “Tick, tick … BOOM!” the feature-length film directorial debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda released on Netflix mid-November, owes its greatness to two factors: Andrew Garfield and Jonathan Larson’s ingenious eponymous play. “Tick, tick … BOOM!” is an adaptation of a semi-autobiographical musical created by playwright Larson, creator of Broadway smash hit “Rent.” Garfield stars as Jonathan, an aspiring, struggling playwright trying desperately to get his foot in the door of show business with a futuristic rock opera. While the character may teeter on the edge of the tortured artist archetype, Garfield’s sincerity shines through, preventing too many cliches.  Going into the film, I wasn’t optimistic. 

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REVIEW: ‘House of Gucci’: Ridley Scott’s latest is anything but chic

  This review contains spoilers Upon the release of the first photos of Adam Driver and Lady Gaga as Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani, to say expectations for “House of Gucci” were high would be an understatement. With a cast like that and legendary director Ridley Scott at the helm, it seemed like a Hollywood dream come true.  That is, of course, until you watch it and you slowly realize that an all-star cast, a big budget and a beloved director will not save you from creating something that is utterly lifeless and entirely boring.  The film mainly follows Patrizia and Maurizio as they ascend the ranks of the Gucci empire, ultimately culminating in their separation and Maurizio’s inevitable assassination at the hands of a hit man hired by Patrizia. 

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OPINION: UNM lacks necessary mental health support

 Despite prolific reports of poor mental health amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of New Mexico maintains a limited position on the issue. Considering the generational emphasis on mental health advocacy, the question remains as to why students suffering with poor mental health continue to struggle alone. UNM claims to offer support via Student Health and Counseling and, while in theory that provision is helpful, if you can manage even to have your phone call picked up, the likelihood that you’ll get an appointment scheduled by season’s end is slim to none. Amid a pandemic, these resources are needed more than ever. The support systems that SHAC provides wouldn’t be enough, though, even if fully functional. 

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