The Student Union Building Atrium will fill with muggles, witches and wizards Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. as part of this year’s Harry Potter Day.

“Each year we gather more and more folks. What was sort of a noontime stop by and see some decorations has quickly turned into the Student Union Building being turned into the Great Hall with candles hanging from the ceiling,” said Student Activities Specialist, Rudy Montoya of Ravenclaw.

The SUB Atrium will be filled with many different activities for community members of the wizarding world to enjoy. This includes: a photo booth, trivia games, butterbeer and button decorating, according to Student Activities Center employee Anna Padilla of Hufflepuff.

The butterbeer is “yummy” and the cookies, made by UNM Catering, are imprinted by Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin seals, Montoya said. The button-making station will have different quotes, spells, images — all things Harry Potter that can be pressed into a button.

Among all the festivities, there also will be a face painter present for participants to support their houses where everyone can see.

“She did a pretty good job of painting all sorts of different designs, everything from the lightning bolt scar to the house logo,” Montoya said, speaking of a previous Harry Potter Day experience. “She actually painted a blue raven on my face.”

Some take it one step further and dress up in full character to not only enchant themselves for a day but to enchant everyone around them as well.

“I remember the year before last, there was a gal who was a part of Geeks Who Drink (who) came dressed up as Rita Skeeter, and in full character, full costume the entire time,” Montoya said.

This event is a chance for students to escape the curses of homework, exams and worries of school. It is a chance to brew in the poisons of joy for the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter.

“It’s fun to get my mind off the insanity of college life and embrace (my) inner Hogwarts student for a day,” said junior Joshua Stepp of Hufflepuff.

“This event is great for bringing together people from different backgrounds for one common outcome, to geek-out together,” Padilla said. “It makes the campus feel a little friendlier.”

This event aims to provide an escape for students and for attendees to have fun — the muggle world and wizarding world are brought together for a day at the University of New Mexico.

“There is sort of a UNM school spirit that happens but also a very Hogwarts school spirit that is brought to UNM,” Montoya said. “So it’s the crossing over of worlds.”

Amy Byres of Gryffindor is a culture reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @amybyres12.