Geeks Who Drink kick started the first Uni Night of the semester with trivia at the Student Union Building.

On its website, Geeks Who Drink describes itself as “a homegrown pub trivia quiz modeled after those in Ireland and the U.K.”

“They are a fun group who have quizzes that cover just about everything from television, film, pop culture, wordplay, et cetera,” SUB Marketing Assistant Isaiah Hernandez said. “What I find most exciting is that these quizzes are very (interactive) with the audience. It is a team game, which makes it much more fun than working on your own.”

With former University of New Mexico student Dan Pennington presenting the questions, groups gathered to write their answers down, and then lined up to present those answers to him.

This event was discussed when the marketing team began to brainstorm new Uni Night ideas for the Spring 2018 semester, Hernandez said.

“Geeks Who Drink is very popular around the Nob Hill area, so we thought it would be a great idea to bring their fun to UNM students,” he said. “My role was to help work with our marketing team and plan/market the event. It was a team effort, and when you have a marketing team as cohesive as ours, planning these events becomes easy.”

Beanies were given to the first 70 attendees, and the space filled quickly.

SUB employee Emily Louth said she felt that event was a success.

“I really like when people start lining up beforehand,” she said during the event. “It makes me feel like we’re going to do really well, and with more people coming in, I think it’s going to go really well tonight.”

Complementary food and water were offered. However, going against the tradition of Geeks Who Drink, the event was alcohol-free, making it, in Pennington’s words, a “Geeks That Don’t Drink” event.

As the hours stretched on, the crowd grew more responsive with every joke and eagerly lined up when bonus questions were thrown into the mix.

One event attendee, Sall Ahmadian, is very involved with Hokona’s Community Association. He said any event that builds community is something that the association wants to be involved with.

Three more upcoming Uni Nights will also include free food and giveaways.

The goal was to start off the first of four Uni Night’s with a bang, Hernandez said.

“We had a great turnout last semester, and we want to keep the momentum going with this one,” he said. “Our target audience is all UNM students. I would say that we always have such a creative and diverse group of students who attend every one of our events.”

Hernandez said any students with suggestions for future events could email the SUB at for more information.

Nichole Harwood is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. She primarily covers alumni and art features. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @Nolidoli1.